What are CareerCast Niche Networks?

We've pulled together thousands of jobs from a unique variety of employers and niche websites and assembled them into job-targeted networks to make job searching easier. In addition to thousands of jobs, each network has a growing library of articles, videos and other content you can leverage to help employers find the right candidates. CareerCast's Niche Networks help you generate a meaningful revenue stream while increasing your advertiser's lift and response. These networks give your advertisers easy access to a quality network of established niche partners, providing them with easy access to targeted job seeker audiences. The CareerCast Niche and National Networks provide an essential service to corporate and executive recruiters by distributing their jobs to more job seekers and targeted audiences.

How do they work?

When an employer buys a posting on your job board, they have the opportunity to upgrade to include any CareerCast Niche Network. The job will then gain exposure to millions of qualified candidates that are specifically interested in this niche. As it is a targeted approach, the CareerCast Niche Network increases the likelihood that the employer will find favorable job candidates and return to your job board with additional business. Adicio also offers a sales incentive program to help sales teams generate enthusiasm to promote the networks to company recruiters.

No wasted time. Targeted search. Welcome to CareerCast Networks. 

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