Carlsbad, CA/Scottsdale, AZ (July 24, 2014) – SalesGenomix has partnered with Adicio and Adicio’s CareerCast RevManage program to launch, a first-of-its-kind careers site for sales professionals. Often called the eHarmony™ of sales recruiting, SalesGenomix connects pre-assessed sales professionals to sales careers that match their unique sales DNA. On, employers can improve time and cost-to-hire metrics while virtually eliminating unforced hiring errors.

Combining its proprietary sales assessment tool with Adicio’s turnkey recruitment solution from CareerCast, SalesGenomix is able to connect recruiters with sales professionals who meet specific selling skills, criteria and motivations. Employers and candidates waste less time pursuing conversations that aren’t the right fit, so both parties win by knowing up front that an applicant’s sales skills make them a truly viable candidate for the job.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Adicio to create a seamless user experience for career-minded sales professionals and employers seeking talented, “pre-qualified” candidates,” says John Hoskins, Co-Founder, SalesGenomix. “Adicio has the technology, connections and expertise to effectively manage and grow our recruitment program while helping sales professionals advance their careers and employers build world-class sales teams faster.”

“We are glad to be able to assist SalesGenomix with their unmatched sales talent discovery solutions and help them to incorporate the most advanced technology and effective marketing initiatives for online recruitment,” says Rick Miller, CEO, Adicio Inc.

“SalesGenomix surveys have found the No. 1 requirement recruiters demand from job boards is a better-qualified applicant,” says Hoskins. "The new SalesGenomix system combined with CareerCast’s advanced job board technology will deliver a value proposition that has never been available before. SalesGenomix’s job board for sales professionals serves applicants and employers by helping them find the ideal fit for both parties," he says.

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Adicio is the nation's only full-service provider of innovative and SEO-friendly mobile and digital advertising solutions in all four verticals: Careers, Real Estate, Motors and General Classifieds.

Adicio powers more than 1,200 sites in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. provides Adicio clients with traffic and editorial content from its site, which attracts 1 million unique visitors each month and features a range of niche networks targeting such OFCCP-compliant categories as diversity, disability, veterans, healthcare and more.

The CareerCast RevManage program is a complete outsourced, turnkey careers solution offering outbound sales, marketing, technology and support.

About SalesGenomix

SalesGenomix is changing the way companies find sales talent and how salespeople find dream sales jobs. They accelerate an employer’s ability to find top sales candidates, by matching a job seeker’s unique selling DNA to an employer’s desired sales competencies. Their one-of-a-kind, innovative sales talent discovery system virtually eliminates unforced hiring errors, speeds time to hire, reduces recruiting costs, and reduces undesirable turnover.

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