Search Technology

Connecting seekers and advertisers is a key component of any successful digital advertising site, which is why Adicio's search technology is such an integral part of every site we power.  And since our search technology is proprietary to Adicio, there are no hidden third-party costs.

Our faceted search technology allows seekers to quickly find the job, home, car or general classifieds ad they are looking for.  Each platform includes:

  • Enhanced Location Search: Dynamic location auto suggest helps users drill down to their desired location quickly.  View ads in this exact location, or expand your search, and select ads in a 5, 10 or 20 mile radius around the selected location.
  • Keyword Search: A sophisticated keyword search allows seekers to drill down to specific words within the ad's description that match the criteria they are looking for.
  • Faceted Search: Provides additional ad filters for seekers to narrow the search results down to just the ads they are seeking.  
  • Maps: Adicio's real estate platform includes an interactive map that highlights listings within the search results of the desired location.  Click on the map to select an exact ad or to search a new area's ads.  Our General Classifieds platform includes all Garage Sales on a single map within a desired location with the same interactive capabilities.
  • Advanced Search: An advanced search form is provided to seekers that have advanced searching needs to find the exact ad they are looking for.

Adicio's search technology provides multiple revenue opportunities for our clients and additional lead opportunities for your advertisers:

  • Spotlight Ads: Entice your advertisers with this ad upsell that spotlights an advertiser's ads above the search results.  Spotlight ads are eye-catchingly displayed in a carousel at the top of the search results and encourage seekers to click on the ads, thereby increasing response.
  • Featured Ads: Another upsell opportunity for our clients are Featured Ads.  Allow your advertisers to feature their ad within the search results.  A Featured Ad includes a customizable vertical banner to the left of the ad that calls attention to the ad and increases seeker response.
  • Other Upsells: There are several other upsell opportunities within Adicio's search results that will increase response to you advertisers' ads and increase your revenue.  These include Bold, Font and Icon ad upgrades.

We know that search is personal to each client and that you want control over the look and feel of how the facets, search results and detail pages will appear on your site.  Adicio allows you to customize many aspects of the design to provide you with just the look and usability you want to offer your seekers.

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