Print Integration

Print Integration provides a unique set of features offered by Adicio. We offer two types of Print Integration: Reverse Publication and Web Accounts. You could use either or both.

Reverse Publication

Reverse publication takes your online ads and puts them in print, which enables you to generate additional revenue while supplementing your print ad sales. It also creates opportunities for capturing new sales leads. All you have to do is promote it on your media kit page and watch the ads come in! You can expect to see a significant uplift from your online listings to print listings.

For print publications that may be experiencing a decline in print ad sales, this is a great solution. Reverse publishing enables advertisers to place their online ads into a print newspaper or magazine, which will increase your revenues by adding more print lineage.

Our reverse publishing feature is an integrated print and online solution, so advertisers can post a job online and in print in one easy transaction.

Web Accounts

Web Accounts takes your print ads and places them online.

With the "Print to Click" Web Accounts feature, you can increase your revenue through the sale of a print and online ad posting bundle, or an upsold online posting with ad enhancements. Employers receive an email with a login to the Job Posting System (allowing them to edit their ads and track candidate response 24/7), which encourages them to purchase upgrades, create additional job postings and continue to use the print sales organization to take advantage of the bundle's benefits. Clients report that their e-commerce revenue alone typically offsets the cost of investing in our classified software.

For further details on Print Integration, please contact us and speak with an Adicio representative.

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