That’s what Adicio is all about. As an online classifieds software provider, we can help you maximize your revenue potential and thrive online. We’ve helped newspapers, trade publishers, trade associations, broadcasters and many other media companies around the globe grow their online business.


Adicio has been leading and shaping the online classified market space since 1997. We began by developing and deploying innovative, high-performance career platforms for leading media sites across the U.S. and Canada. Now more than 50 million visitors and 1,000+ sites later, Adicio also serves the motors, real estate and general classified markets, leveraging the same scalable, secure and feature-rich applications that have made us one of the world's most sought-after private-label providers today. So whether you are trying to bridge the gap between employers and candidates, realtors and homebuyers, dealers and car shoppers (or more), Adicio has the answer you’re looking for.


Our core technology is comprised of intelligent search tools that enable users to perform simple to complex searches quickly and easily. Building upon that functionality, we developed "wrapping" technology (the process of replicating ads from other sites) and integrated it into our platforms and e-commerce tools to help clients build classified inventory. Now our world-class technology is used for clients large and small, enabling them to retain their brand while leveraging our extensive tools and feature sets. Our expertise provides Adicio with the necessary technological and financial resources to continually enhance our products and services, and position you as a leader in your market space.


At Adicio, our team of talented software developers and creative designers, online experts, customer service professionals and dedicated technical support staff are passionately committed to helping our customers realize their full potential. We are constantly improving our technology to accelerate the growth, and maximize the visibility, of our clients. For example, the Adicio National Job Network, Niche Job Networks and the Adicio Cross-Posting Job Network connect employers to candidates across North America. And our job search portal,, is designed to direct job seekers to our clients’ websites so our clients' sites benefit from increased traffic. By creating a centralized location for employers to post their positions to 800+ niche sites, provides a service to recruiters while helping our clients generate new online revenues.


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