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Adicio’s SaaS offering eliminates the need for companies to buy, build, and maintain their own classified advertising application and IT infrastructures. Instead, clients can plug in and subscribe to Adicio services built on a shared infrastructure via the Internet. SaaS applications are subscription based and have significantly lower cost of acquisition and result in lower ongoing budget costs as compared to packaged or homegrown software.

Adicio SaaS offering is a proven model with deployments across the globe that benefit from the Platform. Adicio clients represent the who’s who of classified advertising platform providers and collectively the demand for new product requirements are managed and deployed by Adicio.

All clients receive free platform upgrades throughout the year and benefit from improved functionality, performance and usability as well as new features and revenue generators. Clients are always notified in advance of each new release so that they can prepare and implement any changes if necessary. The benefit to the SaaS model is that our clients do not need to spend valuable resources planning and implementing system upgrades. Adicio upgrades are seamless and painless for the client. Our clients focus on the business they are best at, and when new products are released, new strategies are shared with our clients upon the roll out on how they can generate more revenue, gain more market share and add traffic to their sites.

    Adicio’s Software as a Service offering includes:
  • All Standard Platform features as outlined in this document
  • Frequent platform updates and releases
  • No fees applied for standard product roadmap release
  • Customer announcements, Webinars, and release reviews and client training
  • Customer beta and feedback programs
  • Usability review and testing
  • Accelerated Product Roadmap releases based on priority and commitment
  • Custom Product Roadmap Options for a fee (non-standard, Enterprise Platform)

Adicio is committed to our clients by exceeding expectations at every opportunity. It is our goal to deliver a comprehensive and configurable classifieds platform including highly intuitive search capabilities and tools that enhance the online experience for both seekers and advertisers, while providing our clients with increased revenue.

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